Saturday, September 25, 2010

The way you walk

If you want to have the look of a bro you gotta learn how to walk like a bro.

First thing you need to stop looking at the ground! Otherwise you look like a sad snail, and guess what. It's not fun to hang out with sad snail, so if you want to be attractive to make friend or go flirting STOP LOOKING AT THE DAMN GROUND. Heres a picture I drew for you guys showing what you must not look like.

Now that you guys see what you must not do, I'll tell you exactly what you must do, you must have your head always above 90 degrees, never directly look down, if you need help just role play that you're a snobby english cheerleader, that should help your stance. Next your shoulder, make sure you are straight up, not only will this make you look more confident but it's also very healthy to stand like this, I know it feels really weird at first but I also drew a picture of how you're gonna look like if you listen to me. 

Help yourself and walk like a bro!


  1. Been walking 90 degrees higher ever since I decided my posture was shitty. Thanks for the tips though.

  2. Just imagine a string pulling your spine directly up.

  3. Ha! This is very informative. I like.

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